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Texarkana Orthopedics is a multi-specialty clinic for orthopedic injuries and disorders. Every patient's needs, desires, and circumstances are unique, so Dr. Thompson prepares a customized treatment plan for every individual. His services include both surgical and non-surgical treatments for various orthopedic conditions. He specializes in modern surgical techniques for joint replacement, arthroscopy, hand surgery, fracture care, and treatment of sports injuries, workplace injuries, and age-related conditions. Click on the desired topic to know more about services offered by Dr. Thompson.

Total Knee Replacement - Texarkan OrthopaedicsTotal Knee ReplacementTotal Hip Replacement - Texarkan OrthopaedicsTotal Hip Replacement
Total Shoulder Replacement - Texarkan OrthopaedicsTotal Shoulder Replacement Makoplasty┬« - Texarkan OrthopaedicsMakoplasty®
Arthroscopy - Texarkan OrthopaedicsArthroscopy Hand Surgery - Texarkan OrthopaedicsHand Surgery
Sports Medicine - Texarkan OrthopaedicsSports Medicine Fractures & Trauma - Texarkan OrthopaedicsFractures & Trauma
Office Procedures - Texarkan OrthopaedicsOffice Procedures  

If you wish to be advised on the most appropriate treatment, please call (903) 614-3008 to schedule an appointment or click to request an appointment online.

Total Knee Replacement - Texarkana Orthopedics
Total Hip Replacement - Texarkana Orthopedics
Total Shoulder Replacement - Texarkana Orthopedics
Arthroscopy - Texarkana Orthopedics
Hand Surgery - Texarkana Orthopedics
Sports Medicine - Texarkana Orthopedics
Office Procedures - Texarkana Orthopedics
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