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Total Knee Replacement - Texarkana Orthopedics
A Total Knee Replacement
is a surgery that resurfaces
an arthritic knee joint with
an artificial metal or plastic...
Total Hip Replacement - Texarkana Orthopedics
Total Hip Replacement
procedure replaces all
or part of the hip joint
with an artificial device...
Total Shoulder Replacement - Texarkana Orthopedics
Total Shoulder
replacement is a surgical
procedure to replace the
shoulder joint damaged
from arthritis.
Hand Surgery - Texarkana Orthopedics
We specialize in
arthroscopy of the knee
and shoulder. Arthroscopy
is a minimally invasive
technique using...
Sports Medicine - Texarkana Orthopedics
Hand is one of the most
flexible & useful parts of
our body. In the wrist,
many small bones are
connected to each other...
Sports Medicine - Texarkana Orthopedics
Sports injuries are usually
soft tissue injuries of the
tendons, muscles,
ligaments, and cartilage...

Doug Thompson M.D.

Dr Thompson grew up in Amarillo, TX. He attended Texas Tech University where he graduated in 1982 with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
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